New ROOTS restaurant coming to downtown Jonesboro

by George Jared ([email protected]) 2,715 views 

Downtown Jonesboro.

Young Investment Company, LLC announced the signing of a $247,000 lease contract with ROOTS Restaurant to open in June 2019 at 303 S. Main in Downtown Jonesboro. The contract is for seven years. Karl and Paula Lowe, owners of ROOTS, have spent years in the industry.

“We are a husband and wife team with many years of experience, from owning and operating restaurants in Ecuador, to working in hotels and fine dining in the United States. In this new opportunity, we decided to be true to our roots and develop a concept that reflects our true values and pride in where we come from,” the couple said in a released statement.

ROOTS customers will have the chance to enjoy delicious twists on classic meals including fried chicken influenced with Ecuadorian flavors, served with maple peach butter and fluffy corn fritters. ROOTS cuisine is based on fresh, seasonal products sourced from local farmers.

“We are excited to have ROOTS come to downtown Jonesboro. Karl and Paula bring over 30 years of knowledge in creating a healthy, multicultural and gourmet dining experience,” Clay Young, CEO and Founder of Young Investment Company said. “Karl is a talented chef that makes fancy food that tastes great.”

ROOTS Restaurant design scheme will have a Restoration Hardware feel, which the owners said will give it an “elegant, classy and contemporary” vibe.

YIC is an urban development company that specializes in commercial projects in Arkansas and is based in Jonesboro. Downtown redevelopment is a focus for YIC, according to the company.

“Over the last 20 years, we have been contacted to restore downtowns across Arkansas and America. Everyone recognizes one unified truth – we must save and restore our historic districts as it sends a message to everyone that comes to visit where we live. It says that we care about who we are and where we came from,” Young said.

Young founded the company in 1999 and has since been instrumental in over 38 buildings spanning over eight city blocks and the creation of over 22 restaurant concepts, over 100 residential developments, and over 42 commercial projects.