$3.7 million property leads NEA real estate transactions

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 862 views 

NM CLSN LLC. of Wilmington, Del., made the most significant residential and commercial property transfer in Craighead County between Feb. 15 and March 15, according to the Craighead County Assessor’s Office.

NM spent $3.687 million to buy the Colson Caster manufacturing facility and office area. The deal was completed Feb. 25.

Gera Prateek of Jonesboro., made the second most significant real estate purchase in the region during the period. Prateek bought a house in the Ridgepointe Subdivision for $900,000, according to the property card.

In the third largest real estate deal in the region, Ryan and Kristal Kibler bought a house for $655,000. The deal was struck Feb. 15.

The following are the other top transactions during the period in the county.

Transaction amount: $590,000
Seller: Storyline Development LLC
Buyer: Xhani & Kristanthi Femera
Sale Date: Feb. 28
Address: 2801 Parkwood
Description: Commercial Property

Transaction Amount: $500,000
Seller: Kiech Borthers Inc.
Buyer: Ditch 56 Land Company
Sale Date: March 4
Address: N/A
Description: 120 acres

Transaction Amount: $450,000
Seller: Dennis and Linda Thomas
Buyer: Crowley’s Ridge Land Company
Sale Date: March 1
Address: N/A
Description: Pasture acres

Transaction Amount: $399,000
Seller: M-L Goad Homebuilders Inc.
Buyer: Mathew Aurand and Caitlin Frantz
Sale Date: Feb. 15
Address: N/A
Description: Residential property

Transaction Amount: $390,000
Seller: Legacy Homes of NEA LLC
Buyer: Kris and Whitney Seyler
Sale Date: March 15
Address: N/A
Description: Residential Property

Transaction Amount: $380,250
Seller: Patricia Moore
Buyer: Bristow Farms Co. LLC
Sale Date: Feb. 15
Address: N/A
Description: Crop acres

Transaction Amount: $379,900
Seller: Wanda Norwood
Buyer: Dallas Spence and Daniel Soule
Sale Date: March 11
Address: N/A
Description: House and acres