Gov. Hutchinson declares March 10-16 Arkansas Agriculture Week

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 51 views 

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson declared this week (March 10-16) as Arkansas Agriculture Week. He made the proclamation Tuesday (March 12) at a ceremony held at the state capitol in conjunction with Arkansas Farm Bureau Farmers Day.

More than 150 farmers, agriculture leaders and industry partners took part in the ceremony paying tribute to the state’s largest industry worth more than $21 billion annually.

“Farmers produce the food we enjoy in the comfort of homes and restaurants that are built from the timber they raise. With the cotton and leather they produce, we create our clothing, our coats, our quilts and linens,” said Hutchinson. “I am proud to proclaim this week as Arkansas Agriculture Week in honor of the farmers and ranchers who touch and improve every aspect of life as they sustain agriculture as our No. 1 industry.”

Agriculture provides one in every six jobs in Arkansas. The state consistently ranks in the top 25 nationally in the production of 15 different agricultural commodities, and ranks in the top one-third of the nation for agricultural cash receipts. Arkansas is home to over 43,000 farms on 13.7 million acres. About 19.2 million acres, 57% of the state’s total land, is forestland.

“Our farm families are dedicated to helping feed, clothe, and shelter those here in Arkansas and across the globe,” said Arkansas Agriculture Secretary Wes Ward. “We are honored to have Governor Hutchinson proclaim March 10-16 as Arkansas Agriculture Week as a celebration of their daily efforts and to recognize ag industry professionals for their work to drive growth in our state’s largest industry.”