California trust nabs Starbucks location for $1.54 million

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 207 views 

The Alana M. Mook Trust, of Eureka, Calif., made the most significant residential and commercial property transfer in Craighead County between Jan. 15 and Feb. 15, according to the Craighead County Assessor’s Office.

The trust spent $1.54 million to buy the Starbucks located at 131 Southwest Drive. The deal was completed Jan 31.

Dhanoe Japinder Pal Kaur & Surinder Singh of Freemont, Calif., made the second most significant real estate purchase in the region during the period. Dhanoe bought 1.28 acres of residential property off Arkansas 351 for $1.191 million on Feb. 6, according to the property card.

In the third largest real estate deal in the region, Matt & Misti Valentine bought a house for $950,000 from David Smith Farm Inc. The deal was struck Jan. 24.

The following are the other top transactions during the period in the county.

Transaction amount: $900,000

Seller: Ryan & Kristal Kibler

Buyer: Gera Prateek

Saledate: Feb. 15

Address: N/A

Description: house

Transaction amount: $775,000

Seller: Naavah LLC

Buyer: K&L Real Property LLC

Saledate: Feb. 8

Address: 2913 Ridgepointe Drive

Description: retail store

Transaction amount: $655,000

Seller: William and Suzanne Roach

Buyer: Ryan and Kristal Kibler

Saledate: Feb. 15

Address: N/A

Description: house

Transaction amount: $575,000

Seller: Michael and Jessica Duncan

Buyer: Nicholas & Bridget Crouch

Saledate: Feb. 12

Address: N/A

Description: residential acres

Transaction amount: $475,000

Seller: Vision 2000 Inc.

Buyer: Michael E. Nelson Designs LLC

Saledate: Feb. 1

Address: 5210 Stadium Blvd.

Description: office building

Transaction amount: $465,000

Seller: Nair Manu Sivaraman

& Devi Group

Buyer: Charles Ray Watson

Saledate: Jan. 25

Address: N/A

Description: house

Transaction amount: $420,000

Seller: Legacy Homes of NEA LLC

Buyer: Taylor and Nicole Joyner

Saledate: Jan. 31

Address: N/A

Description: residential property

Transaction amount: $420,000

Seller: Stephanie Jackson

Buyer: Michael Barkley

Saledate: Jan. 15

Address: 406 Honeysuckle

Description: office building