Shine Solar establishes energy efficiency service

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 887 views 

Solar systems provider Shine Solar LLC of Bentonville has started to offer energy efficiency services to solar clients, focusing on reducing electricity consumption, according to a news release. Shine Home Energy Solutions, a division of Shine Solar, will offer the services that start with an in-house energy audit.

A team will conduct the audit by looking at a client’s energy usage and develop a plan to create stability in their electricity bill and make the home more energy efficient. This might include measures such as installing fiberglass or cellulose insulation and weather-stripping around doors and windows. It also might include replacing existing light bulbs with LED light bulbs, insuring proper air ventilation throughout the home and attic and installing smart thermostats to optimize the internal temperature of the home.

And, if the home is not ideal for a solar array, the energy efficiency services can be offered to help reduce consumption as a stand-alone package. The new division is expected to save homeowners money and bring them peace of mind about their energy needs, the release shows.

“Shine Solar is always focused on providing their customers with the best possible experience, and these new energy efficiency services are another approach to helping customers save money and see long-term benefits,” said Nick Gorden, CEO of Shine Solar.

“By focusing on reducing electricity consumption as much as production, homeowners can save even more money on an annual basis and experience a greater ROI on their solar investment. Everything we do here at Shine Solar is done with a long-term approach, so when we identify new product lines or services that will improve our customers lives, we embrace them wholeheartedly.”

More information on Shine Home Energy Solutions is available online at Shine Solar has offices in Bentonville and Ozark, Mo.