DO school on ASU campus to host Hospital Day

by George Jared ([email protected]) 400 views 

NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine on the Arkansas State University campus has more than 100 third-year medical students performing clinical rotations throughout Arkansas and the Delta region.

On Thursday, (Dec. 6) more than 20 hospitals and clinics across the state and region will be on Arkansas State’s campus to meet with potential students for their clinical education programs.

NYITCOM’s second-annual Hospital Day allows first- and second-year medical students to meet with representatives from medical facilities so they can learn more about the hospitals and clinics and the communities they represent. The information helps students decide the region in which they would like to perform their rotations. Some of the attending organizations also have residency programs, and the students are able to learn about potential opportunities for Graduate Medical Education (GME).

The Hospital Day will be held in Centennial Hall located in the ASU Student Union. During their first two years of medical school, students are located on NYITCOM’s Jonesboro campus, where they primarily attend lectures and participate in labs.

Third and fourth-year medical students focus on clinical education and are assigned to hospitals and clinics across Arkansas and the Delta region. Hospital Day gives first- and second-year students an opportunity to foster relationships with representatives from the hospitals and clinics and learn more about them.

For more information, contact Casey Pearce of NYITCOM at ASU at 870-972-2656 or [email protected].