Snapp re-elected in Walnut Ridge; Randolph County goes wet

by George Jared ( 310 views 

Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp fended off a challenge by J.R. Rogers during Tuesday’s general election. Snapp received more than 70% (1,124) of votes cast in the race. The vote totals didn’t include some absentee ballots, but there were not enough to impact results, Lawrence County Clerk Tina Stowers told Talk Business & Politics.

Job creation, city tax base growth, and other positive indicators drove residents to give him a second term as the city’s chief executive, Snapp told Talk Business & Politics.

“I’m humbled the people of Walnut Ridge believed in me and believed in my wife (Jackie),” he said.

During his second term, Snapp said he plans to work with flood plain coordinators to adjust city flood maps. Walnut Ridge has the second largest airport in Arkansas, and he said he plans to use it as a tool to lure job creators to Northeast Arkansas.

Randolph County voters decided to turn the county wet. An initiative to allow alcohol sales in the county passed 3,213 votes for it, to 2,413 against it, according to unofficial totals.

Hoxie voters will have to go to the polls a second time to determine who the city’s next mayor will be. Dennis Coggins’ 85 votes led a crowded field of candidates. He was followed by incumbent Lanny Tinker (78 votes), John Stowers (28 votes), Reda Russell (23 votes) and Marty Harris who received 23 votes. Coggins and Tinker will advance to the runoff.

In Jonesboro, four incumbent city council members were re-elected. Alderman L.J.Bryant, who was appointed to his seat more than a year ago, won the seat outright, defeating challenger Robert Speer. Bryant received 9,228 votes or about 55% cast while Speer received 7,478. It was the closest council race in Jonesboro on election night. Bryant told Talk Business & Politics he was grateful the voters chose him.

“We had a formidable opponent. He ran a good race. We knocked on more than 4,600 doors. In the coming years there are several things we will have to address including possibly building a new fire station to keep our residents’ insurance rates low will have to be looked at,” he said. “I hope we can make our residents proud.”

Dr. Charles Coleman beat his challenger Tom Elwood handily receiving 67% (11,249) of votes cast. Alderman Bobby Long beat his challenger Tommy Baker by 61% (10,149) of votes cast while Alderman John Street beat Amanda Dunavent by 60% (9,991) of votes cast.

Greene County voters decisively returned incumbent Greene County Judge Rusty McMillon back to his office. McMillon easily defeated challenger Jerry Shipman, who was a former county judge. McMillon received 81% (3,031) of votes cast.