Judge Hudson holds county judge job, Dawson elected Fort Smith city director; Hurst elected Van Buren mayor

by Tina Alvey Dale (tdale@talkbusiness.net) 541 views 

Unofficial numbers show both incumbents in Sebastian County races will keep their seats. Democrat Candidate for Sebastian County Judge Mosie Boyd congratulated her opponent Republican incumbent Judge David Hudson on a win in the race early on Tuesday.

“Right now I guess it’s somewhere around a 69% lead,” Hudson said shortly before 9 p.m. Tuesday (Nov. 6). “I think she saw the trend at this point and came over to congratulate me on the win.

“I want to congratulate Judge David Hudson and thank him for his 40 years of service,” Boyd said in an email statement. “My heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted for me and supported my campaign to help save American lives in our community, protect Arkansas families, and strengthen our local economy.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to help shape the top priorities for our community, and I look forward to our leadership team working together to implement cost-effective, crime stopping solutions.”

Hudson said, though he wants to wait for the remainder of the numbers to come in on the election, he is looking forward to continuing to serve the county and address the issues of Sebastian County.

“I have a lot of energy and passion to do this job, and I’m looking forward to doing so,” Hudson said.

Among his priorities over the first part of 2019, Hudson wants to look at the county’s criminal justice system and the impact on the population of the Sebastian County Jail, he said.

“That really is a main issue, along with working with the Crisis Stabilization Unit and Mental Health Court,” he said. “And of course all the other aspects of the office including roads and bridges, the parks system, emergency management, first responders and public safety.”

At 9:21 p.m., the Sebastian County Clerk reported Hudson with 22,360 votes or 69.16% of votes counted at that time to Boyd’s 9,973/30.84%.

In the Sebastian County Treasurer/Collector race, Republican incumbent Judith Miller was leading with 22,989 or 71.05% of the votes at the same reporting time. Her Democrat challenger Jeannie Wilson had received 9,365/28.95%.

“I’m feeling great right now. When you work hard and do a good job, this is what you get,” Miller said. “We pretty well figured this was how this was going to go. We didn’t sling any mud. People don’t like it when you do. I think that makes a big difference (in a campaign.)”

Miller said she wanted to thank all the voters for their support in her and faith in her abilities to run the collector/treasurer’s office and gave a special shout out to all the members of her office and the hard work they do.

Van Buren Mayoral candidate Joe Hurst received 3,262 votes for 61.3% while his challenger Max Blake received 2,056/38.7%. Hurst has served as the Van Buren city planner for eight years.

In the At-large Position 5 Fort Smith City Director race, Robyn Dawson was also leading by 55.46% (10,951 votes) at 9:21 p.m.

“I am humbled to serve the great city of Fort Smith as city director,” Dawson said. “This is my home, and it’s my honor to serve here.”

Dawson commended her opponent Sam Price, who received 8,794 votes/44.54%, on the race he ran, and all the voters who let their voice be heard.

“(Price) is a good man, and I’m sure we will see him again. I think it’s wonderful that so many people came out to vote. I look forward to working with everyone and expect great things for the City of Fort Smith.