Tyson Foods boosts investment in OneEgg to help hungry in Nepal, Honduras, Ethiopia

by Kim Souza ([email protected]) 287 views 

Tyson Foods and its subsidiary Cobb Vantress will ramp up their investments and support for OneEgg, a non-profit dedicated to ending child hunger around the world by providing egg protein to families living in impoverished nations such as Nepal, Honduras and Ethiopia.

With one million children under age 5 in Nepal – 36% of the population – suffering chronic malnutrition and 10% facing acute malnutrition, Tyson said it’s ramping up its efforts through a series of grants to OneEgg that total $171,500 for work in Nepal, Honduras and Ethiopia.

The investment in Nepal focuses on building the capacity of local farmers to supply eggs to 12 schools and 700 children, with a goal of reaching 7,000 children over the next two years. Cobb-Vantress, will provide technical assistance and training to farmers and Tyson Foods will contribute $50,000 to this effort.

Tyson is partnering with Shreenagar Agro, an agribusiness in Nepal, who will also ante up $50,000 to this cause. The collaborative project is expected to provide one egg per day three times per week to children from Rupandehi, Palpa, and Kathmandu districts.

“After the 2015 earthquake devastated Nepal, we saw an opportunity to help change the lives of those who were suffering,” said Moushimi Shrestha, co-founder, Shreenagar Agro. “Because of the partnership with Tyson Foods, OneEgg and Cobb-Vantress, we are expanding those efforts and impacting even more lives with just one egg a day.”

Tyson is also helping OneEgg launch in Honduras to focus on providing eggs to expectant mothers and their families. The protein giant will contribute $65,000 toward the cause and partner with Honduras Outreach International who will add $50,000 toward the project. Tyson said the initiative will also include research, education and outreach efforts in the Valley of Sierra de Agalta, Olancho to examine the value and impact of egg consumption to child development and share farming expertise.

Tyson is also helping OneEgg launch a new chapter in Ethiopia in partnership with Project Mercy. This initiative will introduce the production and consumption of eggs into the Yetebon community. Employees of Cobb-Vantress will provide technical assistance and training to farmers, Tyson Foods will contribute $56,500 and Project Mercy will provide $56,500.

Tyson said its work with OneEgg also takes place with projects in Rwanda and Uganda. Last year’s project in Haiti marked the first financial commitment from Tyson Foods as a newly constructed farm provides a continuous supply of eggs for sale in local markets, while providing new jobs for local residents. As a not-for-profit project sponsored by Tyson Foods and Cobb-Vantress, the proceeds from the enterprise remain in Haiti and keep the farm operational.

Tyson said more than 10,000 children around the world are now receiving eggs every day as a result of these collaborative projects.