Statements of financial disclosures posted on city candidates; ballot positions set

by Aric Mitchell ( 629 views 

Statements of financial disclosures are now available for the eight Fort Smith office candidates, and the city announced ballot positions based on a draw held by the Sebastian County Board of Election Commissioners.

The documents list sources of income; businesses and holdings, creditors; gifts; past due amounts owed to the government; and offices and directorships, among other relevant data. Where dollar amounts are associated, the documents do not ask for exact totals, but instead direct candidates to check one of two boxes — “More than $1,000” or “More than $12,500.”

Of the eight candidates, two have already been presumed elected. At-Large Director Position 6 Kevin Settle received no opposition while At-Large Director Position 7 Neal Martin found out he was the only remaining candidate after 22 of Jerry Avillion’s petition signatures were invalidated following the May 31 deadline.

That leaves two contested races: Fort Smith Mayor and At-Large Director Position 5, the latter of which is a three-way race following the late departure of Jerry Neel Jr. Neel, owner of Jerry Neel’s Bar-B-Q Restaurant & Catering pulled out of the race on Monday (June 4) due to personal concerns about the statement of financial disclosure.

Fort Smith Mayoral candidate Wayne Haver listed Fort Smith Public Schools, where he has served as Southside High School principal for 48 years as his primary source of income. Haver’s wife Jan Haver provides their secondary income source ($1,000-$12,500) through the Sebastian County Election Commission. Under the “creditors” section — only applicable if the candidate owes $5,000 or more — Haver listed BancorpSouth at 1222 Rogers Avenue. Additional interests include the Fort Smith Air Museum, where he serves as president.

Fort Smith Mayoral candidate Luis Andrade lists the US Army/GI bill as his secondary “more than $1,000,” but less than $12,500. Andrade said he receives the monthly allowance for attending school at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith (UAFS). Under “business and holdings,” he lists Andrade Holdings, LLC, also as more than $1,000 but less than $12,500. He holds “office or directorship” for Andrade Holdings (president/owner) at 8222 Huntington Way in Fort Smith. At the same address, he lists Essential Liberty USA. Andrade’s position there is as “incorporator/director.” Creditors of $5,000 or more include EdFinancial out of Knoxville, Tenn., for student loans and Toyota Motor Credit in Carol Stream, Ill.

Fort Smith Mayoral candidate George McGill lists an Edward Jones “IRA account” and his position as a state representative for his two primary sources of income (more than $12,500). He also has one rental property at 1827 North 14th Street in Fort Smith that brings in “more than $1,000” but less than $12,500. He lists the James Barnes House at 515 North 6th Street in Fort Smith as a “business or holding” worth “more than $12,500.” Additionally, he received three gifts through Ed Ackerman, Solution Tree for a “back pack with books, dinner, and registration” totaling $794.81. No creditors were listed.

Based on the ballot draw, McGill will be listed in the first position, Haver in the second position, and Andrade third. Andrade did not attend the ballot draw, and Commissioner Lee Webb drew for his position.

At-Large Director Position 5 candidate Robyn Dawson listed two primary sources of income. Dawson works as an elementary school principal for Fort Smith Public Schools. She also is listed as “self-employed” with spouse Steven Dawson under the Town & Country Contractors, River Valley Concrete, and River Valley Pools banners. Both positions are classified as more than $12,500.

Under “business or holdings,” Dawson lists Pimco Total as “more than $1,000,” but less than $12,500. Under that same dollar grouping, Dawson includes I Shares MSCI Emerging Markets, SPDR S&P ETF Trust; Vanguard Index FDS; Fidelity Government Market Capitol Reserves; Fidelity Government Capital Reserves; Brown Capitol Management Small Company; John Hancock Bonds; and Lord Abbett Short. Investments listed as “more than $12,500” include Oppenheimer International Growth and the American Growth Fund of America.

Under “office or directorship,” Dawson notes she resigned from the the Fort Smith Civil Service Commission prior to filing her statement of candidacy. She also lists her spouse as Associate Council to the Fort Smith Homebuilders Association. Dawson’s creditors of more than $5,000 include Mercedes Benz, Barclay Bank, and US Bank Mortgage.

At-Large Director Position 5 candidate Samuel Price works as a full-time department manager at McDonald’s at 5821 Rogers Ave., and a part-time shift manager at the 4900 Old Greenwood Road location. His spouse is a full-time adoption specialist at the Department of Human Services (DHS) on 616 Garrison Ave. Each full-time position is classified as “more than $12,500,” while Price’s part-time shift manager position is between $1,000 and $12,500. The couple owes $940 in past due state taxes to the Department of Finance Administration, but list no creditors.

At-Large Director Position 5 candidate Libby Piatt listed two sources of income. Her primary is King Koin Amusements in Jacksonville, Ark., where she works in vending and sales. Her income here is “greater than $12,500,” while her second source, legal services for Air Land Civil Ops (ALCO) with a P.O. Box in Fort Smith is between $1,000 and $12,500. No creditors, businesses, or holdings were listed.

Based on the ballot draw, Piatt is in the first position, Price is in the second position and Dawson in the third. Price did not attend the ballot draw, and Webb drew for his position.

At-Large Director Position 6 Kevin Settle claimed three items of financial interest, among them his plant manager position through GN3 Industrial Power (no income given, but “more than $12,500” as identified on the filing form). GN3 is a division of Exide Technologies. Settle also received “between $1,000 and $12,500” of income through the city of Fort Smith as a City Director; and “more than $12,500” in disability benefits for his spouse through the Social Security Administration.

At-Large Director Position 7 Neal Martin holds one primary (greater than $12,500) source of income as the director of information technology for Shared Services Corporation at 4600 Towson Avenue in Fort Smith, but lists other businesses and holdings. Neal Martin and spouse Christina Martin are listed for Financial Designs, Inc., 11225 College Blvd., Suite 300, in Overland Park, Ks. The amount is greater than $12,500. Martin also listed Principal Funds as over $12,500. Other line items classified between $1,000 and $12,500 were United Federal Credit Union, American Funds, and Oppenheimer Funds. Martin has one creditor in excess of $5,000, RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation in Charlotte, N.C.