Reps. David Whitaker, Charles Blake take new roles with House Democratic caucus

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Rep. David Whitaker, D-Fayetteville, was chosen to be the new House Minority Leader in the Arkansas House of Representatives. He succeeds Rep. Michael John Gray, D-Augusta, who was recently elected chairman of the Democratic Party in Arkansas.

Rep. Charles Blake, D-Little Rock, was selected as the new House Minority Whip, a post Whitaker held.

Currently, there are 24 Democrats in the House of Representatives. Whitaker has served in the House since 2013. He was a one-time Democratic nominee for Congress in 2010. Blake has served in the House since 2015.

“I am honored to by this election and ready to fight for a fairer and more responsive government on behalf of the citizens of Arkansas,” Rep. Whitaker said. “Our caucus is ready to continue to speaking up for the vulnerable and underrepresented in Arkansas and we will continue diligently finding solutions for all.”

“This is a tremendous honor,” said Rep. Blake. “I’m proud to stand alongside Chairman Gray and Leader Whitaker in ensuring the wellbeing of every citizen of this state and secure future for Arkansas.

“I was honored to serve as Leader of the House Democrats when we stood up for the marginalized, protected our kids’ education, and fought for a vibrant economy in every part of this state,” said Rep. Gray. “Now, I look forward to continuing that work as Chair of the party while also fostering productive relationships between these members and their districts and making sure we are effective advocates for the people of Arkansas.”

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