Wal-Mart’s Lore hires customer care executive from Citibank

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Wal-Mart e-Commerce CEO Marc Lore

Walmart.com CEO Marc Lore announced to his staff Monday (April 17), the hiring of Rahul Joshi as the new senior vice president overseeing customer care. The hire is one of several Lore is making in his newly structured organization. Joshi will report directly to Lore.

Joshi has spent the past 25 years at Citibank leading consumer operations in Asia. Lore said Joshi will be on his leadership team and represent the voice of the customer. He will be based in Jet.com’s office in Hoboken, N.J., but Lore said Joshi will be spending ample time with Jet’s retailer’s teams in Dallas, San Bruno, Salt Lake City and Bentonville.

Lore said Joshi will be in charge of customer care operations at Walmart.com and Jet.com and help to enhance the retailer’s overall customer experience. He will also oversee returns experience and fraud teams at the respective retail operations.

Joshi’s additional tasks will include building capabilities that allow the retailer to speak to its customers in one voice and resolve their issues while also enhancing their experience. Lori said Joshi will also help to reduce customer contacts and ensure the retailer has internal mechanisms to enhance the customer experience upfront.

Joshi’s team will include:

  • Deserie Delaney, customer care for Walmart.com
  • Eric Thompson, Operations – fraud and risk for Walmart.com
  • Laura Duke, returns experience at Walmart.com
  • Doug De Angelo, Jet member services.

Joshi holds a master’s degree in management from North Carolina State University and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Poona, India.