Ascendant Dx involved in a unique breast cancer screening in New Zealand

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Springdale startup Ascendant Dx, which focuses on diagnosis and treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases in women and children, will be involved in a unique breast cancer screening Nov. 1 in New Zealand.

The research company, whose signature product is a screening tool that finds breast cancer markers in teardrops, is teaming with the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and one of the country’s commercial television stations for a public awareness event being dubbed The Breast Cancer Screenings.

Women 18 and older are being invited to an Auckland theater to watch free screenings of the tear-jerker movie “Brooklyn.” After the moviegoers all have a good cry, they’ll help advance the Ascendant Dx research by donating their tears, a process that involves placing absorbent fabric under the lower eyelid for just a few minutes.

Ascendant Dx Chairman and CEO Omid Moghadam said sponsors of the event wanted a breast cancer month campaign that was more than just pink ribbons and approached him about getting his company involved in a science-based development project.

“They did some research and found a company in Arkansas working on breast cancer diagnosis through tears,” Moghadam said.