Talk Business & Politics Daily: The Curry for Congress, inside the numbers edition

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 142 views 

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On Wednesday’s Talk Business & Politics Daily digital newscast, Democratic Congressional candidate Dianne Curry sits down for a conversation on her reasons for running and what she feels are the strongest differences between incumbent Rep. French Hill and her positions.

Also, we’ll go inside the numbers to discuss the federal dollars coming into Arkansas and we’ll review some top stories on our Tourism microsite.

Curry said supporters of her Little Rock School Board days encouraged her to make the Congressional run to challenge Hill in Arkansas’ Second District.

“You know as I was involved with the Little Rock School District almost a decade as a school board member and fought hard for children and families and then also being the major issues for me as I have talked with people in the second congressional district job development, economic development and jobs, seem to be a critical issue as well as education,” Curry said.

She also said that while unemployment in the Second District is low, for younger workers, there is still a shortage of opportunities.

“Even though unemployment has been low for adults, our youth in the 18 – and you know between that Millennial age – there’s still the struggle to get a job,” said Curry. “I have a 27-year old that’s been out of college awhile, but finally landed a decent job after graduating, but she’s a prime example … so many other students that I know that have gotten out of school, it is still hard to get a job in their field of work, so we want to see a broadening of the skills and training that’s available to them.”

Watch her full interview below along with our Top Stories of the day and a preview of stories trending on our Tourism microsite.