Qbox Launches New Product

by Talk Business & Politics ([email protected]) 160 views 

Speaking of innovative startups, did you know Mark Brandon and the team at Fayetteville tech company Qbox Inc. launched another product earlier this year?

It’s a data management system called Supergiant.io, and it was born from a desire to more effectively manage Qbox.io’s hosted Elasticsearch, which had taken on hundreds of clients and therefore thousands of data nodes.

“In entrepreneur language, we built it to scratch our own itch,” said Brandon, co-founder and CEO.

Serving the software development world, Qbox manages search engine databases. Supergiant, essentially, makes multiple clustered data servers act like “one giant, self-healing computer,” according to the website.

The Qbox team adapted Google-designed Kubernetes to create Supergiant late last year and quickly saw the potential for it to become a product on its own, in addition to being used internally. The system saved Qbox tens of thousands of dollars a month, with better performance and fewer support tickets, Brandon said.

Now, Qbox is sharing the wealth. Supergiant is available as an open-source product for free download online.