WorkHound joins logistics-focused Dynamo Accelerator

by Todd Jones ([email protected]) 221 views 

WorkHound, the Iowa-based logistics platform for the trucking industry and co-founded by Arkansas native Max Farrell, announced that it has joined the Dynamo Accelerator, a logistics-based accelerator that is part of a 12-week program based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The program is being led by the founders of Access America Transport, which has partnered with such companies as Ryder and GE Ventures and will feature top-tiered mentors from the transportation industry.

Farrell said in an article on Medium, “This group understands logistics, has deep ties to trucking, and global connections to every part of the supply chain. Since the sale of their company they’ve made over twenty investments in high growth startups.”

WorkHound is an application system that engages truck drivers via text messages. Drivers offer real-time feedback via the WorkHound system, which constantly aggregates all of the commentary sent by drivers. This allows supervisors and company owners the opportunity to provide routine explanations for policies or to acknowledge the feedback received and make rapid changes based on what they’ve learned from those in the field.

The accelerator will take place over the next three months. The first day of the cohort was yesterday and Farrell sees this is a natural progression of WorkHound’s growth.

“It’s been thrilling to create value like this, but our work is only getting started. Participating in Dynamo signifies it’s time to put some rocket fuel behind our platform,” he said.

With companies like WorkHound, the Dynamo Accelerator hopes to move the logistics industry into a new era.

According to their cohort announcement, “For too long, the logistics, transportation and supply chain industries have lagged behind and settled for inefficient and opaque processes. Our teams, though, are ending the Dark Ages of logistics and redefining what is possible in these industries.”

The accelerator will publish regular updates on its website and host a podcast which will allow an inside look into the accelerator.