Talk Business & Politics to launch daily digital newscast in July

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 188 views 

Talk Business & Politics will launch a new daily digital newscast – “Talk Business & Politics Daily” – beginning in early July to provide more news content and more platforms to receive news.

The weekday online newscast will be promoted through and a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, iTunes and more. The video/audio report will be anchored by TB&P host Roby Brock and will be produced Mondays through Friday.

“Our audience wants more daily digital content, especially in the areas of video and audio, and our advertisers are asking for more options in this space,” said Brock. “When you look at how consumers are devouring news these days, more bite-sized video and audio content is preferred, so we’re going to provide more of it.”

The daily digital newscast will be posted and promoted in the late afternoons in an effort to provide commuters another option for news as well as to provide a roundup of stories produced or in development by Talk Business & Politics that day. Produced in association with Little Rock-based KATV Channel 7, the daily show will feature top stories, economic reports, feature stories, and interviews with newsmakers, analysts and opinion leaders in industry and politics.

“The news will be an expansion of our mix of national, statewide, regional and local news that is part of our everyday website coverage,” said TB&P executive editor Michael Tilley. “I know our loyal readers will find even more relevant news through this platform and I believe ‘Talk Business & Politics Daily’ will attract a new audience to our reporting.”

Brock and Tilley said they are dedicated to a daily digital product that will not only deliver the most important news of the day with the depth their readers have come to expect, but do so in a manner that continues to connect all regions of the state.

The Sunday broadcast television program, “Talk Business & Politics”, which airs Sundays at 9:30 a.m. on KATV Channel 7 in Central Arkansas and in Northeast Arkansas on KAIT-NBC, Sundays at 10 a.m., will not change its current schedule.

The newly formatted Talk Business & Politics resulted from the October 2015 merger of River Rock Communications and TCW Media (The City Wire). The new company, Natural State Media is based in Fort Smith, and focuses coverage on business and political news in Northwest Arkansas, the Fort Smith metro, central Arkansas, Northeast Arkansas and statewide. Owners of the company are Roby Brock, with Talk Business & Politics; the following owners of TCW Media: Patricia Brown, Chester Koprovic, Michael Tilley, and Bennie Westphal.