Stache’s Cookery in Mena holds contest to give away the business

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 293 views 

The owners of Stache’s Cookery in Mena are looking to give away their business, plus $25,000 to the winner of a recipe/essay contest running until July 30.

Three finalists will be selected, and one winner will be chosen by 50 local customers, according to a company press release. The winner will receive a fully operational restaurant, 1.5 acres of real property, building, contents, inventory, working staff, liquor license and $25,000 of working capital to start the new venture.

Hopeful restaurant owners can submit their entry forms via the Stache’s Cookery website, where they will be asked for Name, Address, Email, Phone, Recipe, Recipe Photo, and a 200-word-or-less essay along with a $150 entry fee. If a minimum of 6,000 entries are not received, the entrant will receive a $125 refund, less $25 to cover contest administration fees. If the minimum is met, then Stache’s Cookery will end up “selling” for around $900,000.

The unusual concept has been done before in other parts of the country with Maine’s Almost Home Inn Bed and Breakfast being one of the latest to try it. The concept can be traced back to the 1996 film Spitfire Grill in which a cafe owner looks to unload their business in similar fashion.