MAPC approves downtown Jonesboro townhouse project

by Michael Wilkey ([email protected]) 239 views 

Developer Ted Herget said Tuesday (June 14) that his project to build 13 townhouses in Jonesboro will help develop the downtown area, especially for people looking to live in downtown Jonesboro.

The Metropolitan Area Planning Commission voted Tuesday to approve a conditional use permit for Jonesboro-based MATH Investments to build the townhouses at 211 Cate Ave. and 217 Cate Ave. Under the $1.6 million proposal, nine of the townhouses will be built facing nearby East Street with four others being built facing Cate Avenue. Herget said that 11 of the townhouses will be two-bedroom, while two will be one-bedroom.

According to the site plan, the 7,313 square foot area will also have room for garages. The idea of having a garage can be foreign to some people who live in downtown Jonesboro. Most people who currently live downtown have to park in either public or private parking spaces throughout downtown Jonesboro; or along the street.

Herget, who also owns the Jonesboro clothing store Gearhead Outfitters, said the plan will help build downtown residences with as much as a home feel as possible.

“We wanted to have garages,” Herget said in discussing the project. “It was very important to us.”

Herget said he began developing land in downtown Jonesboro in about 2000, with the area seeing a lot of growth. Herget said the growth in the downtown area has helped the city see a renaissance of sorts.

“The more people who are downtown, the more downtown will grow,” Herget said. “If I did not believe in it, I would not have put chips into it.”

Jonesboro Planning Director Otis Spriggs said the project is part of an ongoing process to help the downtown area with growth.

“We feel this is a good infield development and the zoning office has no objections,” Spriggs said.

Herget said construction will begin by mid-July and should be done by mid to late spring 2017. The project was approved with the following provisions. First, it will include a maximum of 13, two-story townhouses at the 211 Cate @ East Street complex. Second, the townhouses will be built on a 0.28 acre site, with a 18-month time limit on final occupancy.

Also, a final site plan must be submitted to city officials involving site, parking, access, drainage and landscaping requirements. The plan now heads to the Jonesboro City Council for their approval.