Talk Business & Politics magazine: The Trump, John James and Millennials edition

by Bill Paddack ([email protected]) 208 views 

Hayseed Ventures founder John James is investing in Arkansas.

In the late 1500s, the English Elizabethan dramatist Thomas Dekker wrote the poem “The Merry Month of May.” For our May/June issue of Talk Business & Politics magazine, our merry band of writers produced a number of stories featuring some high-spirited Arkansans.

The issue is out and soon will be hitting mailboxes all across the state. You can access the online copy here.

In our cover story, Executive Editor Michael Tilley profiles John James, the Fayetteville-based entrepreneur who is making a name for himself. Founder of Acumen Brands, Country Outfitters and Hayseed Ventures, he’s turning out to have quite a knack for turning an idea into a multi-million dollar enterprise in Arkansas.

Veteran political observer John Brummett seeks out supporters of the provocative Donald Trump in search of why so many Arkansans are supporting the Republican frontrunner for president. As he traveled the state to dive deeper into the psyche of the legion of Trump enthusiasts, Brummett came up with some interesting observations.

Rex Nelson describes how Anita Davis bought a building in downtown Little Rock and ended up falling in love with South Main Street. That led to making things happen, like the Bernice Garden and the Esse Purse Museum.

In our Sixth Sense feature, six business leaders from across the state share their thoughts on the current state of the American economy and how it will affect the race for the White House.

We also look at the challenges banks are facing as they court Millennials, a group that wants non-traditional services from traditional financial institutions. Writer Kim Souza examines how this age group is reshaping the banking world.

Inside this issue, you will also find insightful commentaries, an overview of the roundabout way the Legislature took to the passage of Arkansas Works, a Q&A with Deana Osment, Centennial Bank’s Northeast Arkansas division president, a look at the Libertarian Party in Arkansas, coverage of the Governor’s Cup business plan competition, our Tourism Ticker on trends in that important industry sector and updates from Business Editor Wes Brown on unemployment, prices at the pump and what’s happening at Northwest Arkansas startup NanoMech.

Access the online version at this link. If you want to subscribe to the magazine for free, email [email protected] with your name and mailing address.