The C Suite: Joe Saumweber

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Achievements: Launched RevUnit, which now has 35 employees in four states and works with Fortune 500 companies nationwide. It’s grown 95 percent each year since founded four years ago.


Hometown: Chicago


What aspects of your work do you find the most rewarding? I consider myself a matchmaker of talented people. Seeing those people with complementary skills interact with each other, producing amazing work and refusing to let each other fail is really gratifying.


Last book you read? ‘Over the Edge of the World: Magellan’s Terrifying Circumnavigation of the Globe.’ Reading this, you realize that it really wasn’t all that long ago that we believed in sea monsters, mermaids and falling off the world. Makes you wonder what we’re going to discover over the next 500 years.


What got you painted toward your current career? The road less traveled calls to me. Being an entrepreneur has always felt like an amazing adventure, filled with discovery.


What was your first job? Exterior painting with my uncle. To this day, I’m slightly scared of hauling around really tall ladders.


What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working? My wife Mary and I have five kids, and we love to go bike riding, jump on the trampoline, play music and practice parkour.


What’s something interesting about you that people would be surprised to learn? I live on a small farm, raise chickens, help my dad raise cattle and love woodworking.