Yarnell’s to bring back ‘Woo Pig Chewy’ ice cream

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 2,166 views 

After a five year drought, fans of Yarnell's Woo Pig Chewy flavor ice cream can finally get their hands on the brownie flavored ice cream with chunks of chewy brownies and swirls of brownie batter.

Once again the official ice cream of the Razorbacks is back in stores. Hog Wild for Cookie Dough – another fan favorite – is also returning to grocers’ shelves across Arkansas.

“We are affirming to our fans that yes, we have heard you, and we are bringing back the flavor that has been requested more than any other,” said Kevin Boyle, CEO of Schulze & Burch Biscuit Company, the Chicago-based business that purchased Yarnell’s in November 2011.

The partnership brings two beloved Arkansas standards back together for the first time since the ice cream company relaunched after bankruptcy in April 2012. When Yarnell's ice cream became available again, many Razorbacks fans were disappointed to find out one particular flavor didn’t make the return list. While Wooo Pig Chewy was a favorite among many, Yarnell’s was unable to produce the flavor until now.

Yarnell’s introduced a number of Arkansas Razorback-themed flavors over the years. Wooo Pig Chewy was arguably the company’s best-known and best-loved Razorback flavor.