World Gym closing Bentonville and Lowell locations

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 294 views 

Fitness chain World Gym announced the closing of three Northwest Arkansas locations with a Facebook post on Tuesday (March 24).

“Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control we have been forced to close our Bentonville and Lowell World Gym locations. Springdale and Fayetteville World Gym remains open and available to all customers,” the company notes in the post.

Owners Tania and Rhett Garner said three of their World Gym locations were in leased space and terms of a new lease could not be reached. The owners said they own the locations in Springdale and Fayetteville, which is why those sites will remain open, according to a letter from the owners posted to Facebook early Tuesday.

Members quickly responded with disgust noting that they had have been unable to cancel their billing and using other locations in Washington County are not convenient for members living in Bentonville, where two sites are closing. They want refunds without penalties.

“You just took a check from a friend just last night for the Bentonville / Lowell locations knowing you closing as of today. Bad business,” notes Darrin and Andrea Brothers of Bentonville.

The owners apologized in their letter for the inconvenience vowing to take care of all its members. Meanwhile Fitness for Less and Planet Fitness in Bentonville have been active in the Facebook feed wooing disgruntled members their way.