A Startup Dad Starts A Startup Dad Blog

by Roby Brock ([email protected]) 297 views 

David Moody, father of 18-year old Overwatch CEO Josh Moody, has launched a new blog to chart his journey of navigating his teenage son through his startup business.

Overwatch is the winner of the 2013 ARKChallenge startup competition. The company’s hi-tech gaming app allows users to incorporate certain video game experiences in real world combat gameplay.

Talk Business & Politics has featured Josh Moody in the last year in this magazine and online story.

The elder Moody has begun www.StartupDad.co at the encouragement of Sparkible’s Mike Steely and the Arkansas Venture Center’s Lee Watson.

“Initially, I didn’t share their enthusiasm,” Moody tells friends in an email. “However, as I began to assess the journey that our son Joshua was on as a teenage entrepreneur and how it impacts him, his friends, our family and my relationship with him, I began to realize what a unique perspective we have on this entrepreneurial experience. The more folks I spoke with, the more I realized sharing insights from our experience would be helpful to young entrepreneurs, their parents and their friends.”

Moody says he’ll post a few times a week on timely topics such as:

  • How to recognize entrepreneurial characteristics in teens and young adults;
  • The importance of mentors;
  • The impact of entrepreneurship on relationships;
  • Keys to team building;
  • Product development strategies;
  • Funding dos and don’ts and much more.

“The goal is to help young entrepreneurs, and those who support them, by providing insight from our own journey,” he adds.

You can also follow David Moody on Twitter at @StartupDad.