Lemonade Day Northwest Arkansas

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There will be lemonade stands all across Northwest Arkansas today as entrepreneurs in training market their wares!  This is the culmination of a 14 lesson program that each of these children have finished, working with a mentoring adult, where they learned a number of business lessons including cost of materials, budgeting, controlling costs, marketing techniques, product design, and working with investors.  Brought to the area by Big Brothers Big Sisters NWA, this national program was offered free of charge to youth groups in the area including the Boys and Girls Clubs, Camp War Eagle, Potters House, schools and boy scout troops.  Major sponsors include The Walmart Museum, Englander dzignpak, Signature Bank and the Walker Family Foundation.  Quick!  Go get a handful of one dollar bills and support these hardworking kids!  For additional info, please visit nwa.lemonadeday.org.