Dismang Appoints Four Assistant Senate Leaders

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 137 views 

Senate President Pro Tempore Jonathan Dismang, R-Searcy, has announced four assistants for the 90th General Assembly, which convenes on Monday, Jan. 12.

Dismang has appointed Senators Cecile Bledsoe (R-Rogers), Eddie Joe Williams (R-Cabot), Jane English (R-North Little Rock), and Bobby J. Pierce (D-Sheridan) to be Assistant Pro Tempore during the upcoming biennium.

The assistants are chosen from the four Congressional Districts in Arkansas.

Bledsoe represents the Third, Williams the First, English the Second and Pierce the Fourth.

Dismang said in a press release that they would help him communicate with other senators and develop strategy during the session.

House Speaker-elect Jeremy Gillam, R-Judsonia, will announce Assistant Speakers and a variety of committee chairs on Monday when the session begins.