Simmons Foods to close plant in Jay, Okla.

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 193 views 

Simmons Foods confirmed plans to shutter its poultry processing facility in Jay, Okla., effective Dec. 22. The plant employs roughly 200 workers who will have the opportunity to transfer to other facilities in Southwest City, Mo., Decatur, Van Buren and Siloam Springs.

CEO Todd Simmons said there are no planned layoffs with this closing which is a result from an inconsistent supply of hens available to process which created the subsequent underutilization of the plant.

At one time, Tyson Foods, George’s and other regional poultry companies used the rendering plant for slaughtering older breeding stock.

“This hasn’t been an easy decision, and it’s only after carefully considering all possible options for the business that we came to this decision,” said Gary Murphy, president and chief operating officer of the Simmons Poultry Group. “We have a wonderful team of people at Jay and we’re grateful for their efforts during this time. We’d also like to thank the City and community of Jay for their support.”

Simmons Energy Solutions, a propane distributor with operations in the area, will remain open and continue to serve all its customers. The company said it will continue to honor its community commitment and is exploring options for alternative uses for the plant.