Election Central: Watch For The Future First Lady

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KATV’s Scott Inman delivers Tuesday’s top political headlines in today’s Election Central Daily Brief.

Little Rock businessman Jackson T. Stephens, Jr. issued a blistering statement Monday night in response to the state Supreme Court’s decision to reject his legal challenge to the minimum wage proposal. The court affirmed its place on the ballot.

Stephens said, in part, “It is shameful that, according to our Supreme Court, fraud is not a consideration in this matter of public trust, and now the whole ballot initiative process is open to fraud.”

Mark Pryor and Tom Cotton continue their final push for votes in the tight U.S. Senate race. Senator Pryor touting an endorsement on Tuesday from the American Nurses Association. The group says Pryor shares their commitment to caring for Arkansas families and keeping communities healthy, safe and secure.

Meantime, Congressman Tom Cotton releasing a new ad, with a familiar theme. The ad is called “90 Percent,” and features Arkansas voters criticizing Pryor for casting votes in line with President Obama’s positions.

Also, Pryor’s campaign issuing a memo today outlining its keys to victory.

“We knew this was always going to be a close race in a tough climate, and that’s why more than a year ago we identified three key priorities that could reshape Arkansas’s 2014 midterm electorate. As it turns out, all three have broken our way, so here’s what should keep Tom Cotton awake at night,” the memo reads.

It says voter registration, the minimum wage hike, and an overturn of the state’s voter ID law will all compliment the Pryor campaign’s victory strategy.

“One week out, this is a race we expect to win. The stakes are high, the margin will be close, but there isn’t a single person on Mark’s team who doesn’t believe we can pull this off,” the memo from campaign manager Jeff Weaver said.

in the Governor’s race, Republican Asa Hutchinson released a radio ad Tuesday featuring Major League Baseball star, and Pine Bluff native Torii Hunter asking voters to choose Hutchinson. The ad is aimed at African American voters.
Democrat Mike Ross courting the same group, scheduling a press conference Wednesday at his campaign headquarters with African American leaders.

Finally, Channel 7 invites viewers to watch tonight and tomorrow night for a personal look at two ladies, one of which will be Arkansas’ next First Lady. Beth Hunt sits down with Susan Hutchinson and Holly Ross.

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