The Gridiron Spoofs Hutchinson, Ross And The Private Option

by Talk Business & Politics staff ([email protected]) 271 views 

The Gridiron, a musical comedy spoofing Arkansas politics and people, made its return to the stage last week after a two-year hiatus.

The popular skit-song-dance revue has been known to skewer Arkansas politicians — many deservingly so — and this year’s show takes shots at a number of politicos.

One of the favorite performances of the program centered on Asa Hutchinson, Mike Ross and the Private Option. The two candidates for Governor are lampooned for their positions on the Private Option — Ross is “evangelical” about it, while Hutchinson “sidesteps like the salsa” to keep his opinion “undefined.”

Then, a Tina Turner look-a-like belts into a modified rendition of “Private Dancer,” singing:

I’m your Private Option, your option for health care,
Sparkly and shiny and new,
I’m the Private Option, your option for health care,
No other option will do.. .

Cast members attorney Perry Young (Asa Hutchinson) and Pulaski Co. Clerk Larry Crane (Mike Ross) joined Gridiron executive producer Judge Mary McGowan on the set of Talk Business & Politics this past week to discuss the show. You can watch the full interview and scenes from the “Private Option” skit below.

The Gridiron will celebrate its 100th season in 2016 and McGowan says plans are already underway to highlight the longevity of the program. Currently, ticket sales cover the costs of production, overhead at the Arkansas Repertory Theater, and the Pulaski Co. Bar Foundation.