Cook: Democrats Pound Asa On Homestead Tax Credits

by Michael Cook ([email protected]) 60 views 

The Democratic Governor’s Association is out with a new television ad hitting Republican gubernatorial nominee Asa Hutchinson for illegally taking two homestead tax credits.

Previously the DGA did a web ad on the issue, but now they’re putting real money behind it and placing it on television.

The new ad, entitled “Wasn’t Enough,” which you can view below, tells the story of how Hutchinson improperly took two homestead tax credits even though legally he was only entitled to one. It’s a hard-hitting ad that says Hutchinson cheated on his taxes and then didn’t tell the truth about it.

From the press release from “Jobs and Opportunity,” the organization allied with the DGA that placed the ad:

“Congressman Hutchinson pocketed illegal tax credits on his multiple homes and avoided the penalties for doing so for years,” said Jobs and Opportunity spokesman Danny Kanner. “While his cheating and slick talk to get out of it may be how the lobbyists like Hutchinson play the game in Washington, it shows just how out of touch he is with Arkansas values. It’s time for Hutchinson to come clean about his taxes and tell the truth to Arkansans.”

This issue isn’t going away and is very damaging to Asa Hutchinson.