CPG brand popularity linked to trust, dependability

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 140 views 

The best selling brands in the competitive consumer packaged goods (CPG) space are those deemed to be dependable and trustworthy, according to a recent study by market research firm BrandSpark.

BrandSpark recently honored several brands with a “Most Trusted” award based on recommendations from nearly 90,000 Americans surveyed.

The BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards are for CPG brands that are dependable, well-known and part of the daily lives of many Americans,” said Robert Levy, President and CEO of BrandSpark International. “Brand trust is important when deciding what to buy. Our study shows 8 in 10 Americans place a high importance on established trust in a brand when purchasing a new product.”

The research indicates quality perceptions and taste drive which food brands are most trusted, while taste preferences are most often cited as the reason for favoring one beverage brand over others.

Most Trusted Food & Beverage Brands (by category)
• Baking – Betty Crocker
• Butter – Land O’ Lakes
• Cheese – Kraft
• Chips – Lay’s
• Chocolate – Hershey’s
• Coffee – Folgers
• Condiment – Heinz
• Frozen Dessert – Sara Lee
• Frozen Pizza – DiGiorno
• Ice Cream – Breyers
• Juice – Tropicana
• Pasta – Barilla
• Soft Drink – Coca-Cola