SFC Fluidics raises $2 million in funding

by The City Wire staff (info@thecitywire.com) 17 views 

A new disposable insulin patch pump, smaller than any pump on the market, is in development from Fayetteville-based SFC Fluidics Inc., a medical device and diagnostics company.

SFC Fluidics recently closed a $2 million, Series B investment round that will help it to commercialize the pump, with a footprint of less than two inches in diameter. The battery-powered pump offers high precision, pain-free dosing over a wide range of delivery rates, the company said in the release.

SFC will initiate clinical studies in 2015, involving up to 50 patients, to demonstrate the pump's effectiveness. The device is expected to be market ready in 2016.

“Several of our medical devices will enter the market within the next three years," said SFC Fluidics CEO Anthony Cruz. "Having a partner who has manufactured devices in facilities compliant with the FDA and European regulatory agencies can only enhance our success."

Diabetes is a disease affecting roughly 26 million Americans. Roughly 4 million of these suffer from type 2, adult-onset diabetes and are insulin dependent, and these patients represent SFC's initial market.