Tyson Foods unveils new breakfast items

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 46 views 

Tyson Foods Inc. unveiled a new line of breakfast items under its offerings Tyson Day Starts products.

The line of frozen breakfast sandwiches includes ingredients such as cheeses, vegetables, eggs and sausage, ham and chicken and are part the meat giant’s plan to grow its value-added sales through more convenience products.

“We value the feedback and input of our consumers and turned to breakfast eaters to understand what they are looking for at breakfast time. These insights revealed they want a breakfast they can heat quickly and take on-the-go,” said Carolyn Rehbock, vice-president for insights and innovation at Tyson Foods.

The breakfast varieties include biscuit sandwiches, breakfast flatbreads and wrapped omelets – ready to eat in less than two minutes. In conjunction with the launch of Day Starts, Tyson Foods is also partnering with Florida Orange Juice, according to the release.