Liberty Bank, now Centennial warns of scam

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 238 views 

Customers of Liberty Bank, now Centennial, have been targeted in widespread scam, according to bank officials and Attorney General Dustin McDaniel.

Con artists are posing as representatives of financial institutions in order to obtain credit card information. The scammers use automated telephone calls and text messages in attempts to mislead consumers into believing that their credit cards have been “locked” by a bank. Consumers are asked to begin the “unlocking” process by providing their credit card numbers.
“These calls are clearly intended to deceive Arkansans into thinking it is their own bank on the other end of the line,” McDaniel said. “Consumers should never provide sensitive financial or personal information to unsolicited callers.”

Centennial Bank spokeswoman Kim Umber said, “These are just random calls and texts. We are never going to call or text our customers and ask for this information.”
The scam calls originate from a variety of numbers and area codes.
Consumers who receive scam calls or texts should hang up and report the originating telephone number to the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division. Anyone who receives a threat or feels threatened should contact local law enforcement.