Startup gets board membership at RFID Research Center at UA

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 86 views 

Passenger Baggage Xpress was recently chosen by the RFID Research Center at the University of Arkansas to receive a business-level board membership worth $25,000 after hearing the group’s pitch during the finals of the ARK Challenge held last month.

The Little Rock-based startup was chosen from a field of eight ARK Challenge finalists as it can benefit from logistical and RFID technologies. PBX uses technology to helps travelers track their belongings, receive notifications of delays and expedite baggage claims.

The seat on the center’s board will afford the company access to industry-leading companies in the fields of logistics, retail and technology, as well as the resources and expertise of the RFID Research Center.

Radio frequency identification, or RFID, uses a wireless system to transmit data from tags on products to a receiver for the purpose of identifying and tracking the product through the supply chain.

More than 30 companies joined forces with the University of Arkansas to found the research center to support a multidisciplinary, neutral, third-party research and testing facility. The RFID Research Center officially opened its first laboratory on June 10, 2005, after receiving $2 million in total commitments from sponsors.