AG McDaniel Gives Exxon Mobil April 10 Deadline For Documents

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 2 views 

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel (D) says he has demanded that Exxon Mobil produce investigative reports, inspection reports and other information connected to the company’s pipeline rupture and oil spill in Mayflower.

Last week, the Pegasus pipeline began spilling oil in a neighborhood causing environmental damage and displacing residents.

McDaniel gave Exxon Mobil an April 10 deadline to comply with the subpoena he issued earlier this week.

“The people of Arkansas deserve a full explanation from Exxon about how this incident occurred and the extent of damages to private property and to our state’s natural resources,” McDaniel said. “My office is determined to get that explanation through our investigation because, at the moment, we still have many more questions than we do answers.”

McDaniel and investigators from his office on Wednesday visited the neighborhood in Mayflower most directly impacted by the spill. While in Mayflower, he expressed his concern about the limited information his office and Arkansans have received so far related to the incident.

McDaniel, whose office has subpoena power, has demanded from Exxon inspection reports and investigative reports, photos, videos, and any other data related to the Pegasus pipeline in Arkansas and the spill; sampling or testing reports, photos, videos and any other data relating to the integrity of the Pegasus pipeline in Arkansas before March 29; maintenance and repair reports, photos, videos and any other data related to the Pegasus pipeline in Arkansas; and all reports, record, photos, videos and other data related to the repair or replacement of the portion of the pipeline in Mayflower that caused, created or contributed to the oil spill.