Wal-Mart expands Scan & Go pilot

by The City Wire staff (info@thecitywire.com) 33 views 

After more than a year of piloting, Wal-Mart says it is tripling the number of U.S. stores that allows shoppers to scan items with their iPhones and pay at self-checkout counters.

The "Scan & Go" program was launched in Rogers, early last year and has been expanded gradually to about 70 stores across the country.

Wal-Mart says more than 200 stores will soon have the Scan & Go capabilities rolled out for shoppers in Denver, Phoenix, Omaha, Dallas and Austin, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Seattle, Portland and San Jose, Calif.

The Scan & Go application only works with iPhone at this time, but Wal-Mart officials say an Android version will be offered soon.

The company is hoping to get as much customer feedback as possible, which is why the retailer is expanding the rollout.

Wal-Mart estimates more than half of its 200 million weekly shoppers have smartphones and allowing the consumer the ease of scanning items and then paying at a self-check-out station will only enhance the retailer’s overall shopping experience ratings.

At this time, the Scan & Go app does not permit payment from a mobile device, but Wal-Mart has said it working on mobile payment option, though no details have been released.