Health kiosks at Walmart

by The City Wire staff ( 13 views 

Consumers around the country can soon get free automated health screenings at their local Wal-Mart Stores and Sam’ Club locations.

The SoloHealth kiosk can check blood pressure, weight, eyesight and track behaviors such as health eating habits.

Wal-Mart has installed these kiosks in stores for the past few months with 2,500 locations sited.

In Northwest Arkansas the kiosks are located near the store pharmacy counter at the Sam’s Club in Fayetteville and the store near the Northwest Arkansas Mall. In Benton County the kiosks are operational at the Wal-Mart Stores in Bentonville and Rogers in addition to the supercenter just across the state line in Jane, Mo.

The self-service station suggests a trend toward more equal access to health care and the redefinition of a doctor visit, the release states.

SoloHealth offers free and convenient access to health care, using a simple touch-screen method with helpful videos to walk the consumer through the simple tests. They receive a customized report of their results, an overall health assessment, valuable health information, and access to a database of local doctors.

Health professionals say the kiosks do provide free screening but should not replace regular check-ups with a physician.