Directors acquire more Tyson Foods stock

by The City Wire staff ( 10 views 

Jim Keever, a director at Tyson Foods Inc., recently purchased 10,000 shares of Tyson stock priced at at $23.37 for a total value of $233,690.

The insider buy was reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission as required by law.

Tyson Foods shares have rallied this past week to set a new 52-week high at $23.90 on Tuesday, (Feb. 6).

Shares traded lower at $23.62 in the morning session Friday (Feb. 8).

Other recent insider trades include $16,024 shares acquired by director Kathleen Bader on Jan. 31. This was a non-open market trade.

Gaurdie Banister Jr., also a director at Tyson Foods, acquired 20,474 shares in a non-open market trade on Jan. 31, according to regulatory filings.