Boozman survey: Jobs rank higher than social issues

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 120 views 

A survey with more than 1,700 participants that appears on the campaign website of U.S. Sen. John Boozman, R-Ark., has shown overwhelming support for spending cuts and job creation and very little support for pursuing legislation that deals with social issues, such as abortion.

The survey, called the 2013 National Agenda Survey, served up what many could consider "red meat" issues to conservative Republicans.

But according to an e-mail from Boozman to supporters, the survey was conducted so legislators in Washington would be able to know how voters back home felt on issues.

"Republicans in Congress are busy formulating a legislative strategy to return the focus of Washington to the economy and jobs," he said. "We are actively seeking advice and counsel from voters back home on what our next steps should be."

The last question on the survey allowed respondents to choose a topic of most importance to them.

Individuals taking part in the survey overwhelmingly said spending was the one area where Republicans should focus their legislative efforts, with 916 votes. Jobs came in second, but it was not a close tally, only receiving 294 votes.

Candace Martin, communications director for the Democratic Party of Arkansas, said the survey showed Boozman was not in-tune with his constituents.

"The people of Arkansas feel that we need representatives who will work together to create jobs," she said. "Sen. Boozman should know that without results from a survey or a poll."

The survey showed little support for social issues, such as abortion and marriage. Abortion ranked fourth on the list of issues Republicans should focus their agenda on, while marriage ranked dead last.

Other issues addressed by the survey included gun control and cabinet appointments.

"After the Newtown shooting, President Obama has focused on advancing new gun control legislation through the Congress. In general terms, do you support new gun control measures?" one of the questions asked.

More than 1,600 respondents said they did not support new gun control, while only 131 supported the measure and 42 were undecided.

Another question attacked Obama's selections for defense secretary and Secretary of State, though it did not name Chuck Hagel or then-Sen. John Kerry specifically.

"Each of these Senators has said questionable things about confronting Iran over its nuclear ambitions. Should Senate Republicans move to block these picks for this reason?"

"Yes" votes totaled 1,323 respondents, while 254 individuals were undecided and 197 voted "No."

Martin said spending time on issues such as those included in Boozman's survey showed that the Senator may not have the voter's priorities in mind.

"Our highest priorities should be creating jobs and fiscal responsibility, which is why Arkansas Democrats like Sen. Mark Pryor and Gov. Mike Beebe have made those things a priority and work with people from both sides of the aisle to get it done," she said.

Link here for the results of Sen. Boozman’s survey results.