Acting Gov. Mark Darr Signs Handgun Registry Exemption Into Law

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 4 views 

Lt. Gov. Mark Darr (R), who is acting Governor with Gov. Mike Beebe (D) out of state, signed SB 131 into law today. The bill becomes Act 145.

The bill exempts the state’s handgun license registry from the Freedom of Information Act, in essence making the list private.

Beebe had indicated he would let the bill go into law without his signature. He opposed the bill, but felt it was constitutional and had widespread support in the legislature.

Darr issued a statement on the bill signing.

“Having been an outspoken advocate for Second Amendment rights, I felt passionately that there should be no delays in signing this bill into law. Within the bill is an emergency clause which states that once this bill is signed the State of Arkansas can no longer publicly release records concerning persons licensed to carry a concealed handgun or those applying for such a license. The release of such records is an invasion of privacy and threatens the safety and property of the persons identified,” said Darr.

“I appreciate Senator Bruce Holland, the co-sponsors and the 80% of the 89th General Assembly who supported this bill, in their effort to protect the privacy of the citizens of Arkansas,” he added.