More homebuyers chose Rogers in 2012

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Home sales and median prices rose across Northwest Arkansas in 2012 but the not all zip codes participated in the rally, according to the latest report from This report drills down to transactions by zip code and provides a local snapshot for market recovery across the region during 2012.

Rogers edged out Fayetteville for the most home sales in 2012, according to the report.

Some 1,152 homes were sold in Rogers last year, up 3.97% from 2011. The median home price – $224,500 – rose 13.56% in the city’s 72758 zip code from the prior year. East in the 72756 zip code the median home price totaled $100,000 in 2012, recovering 21.21% from 2011.

There were 682 homes sold in the western zip code and 470 sales on the eastern side of Rogers last year. The number of sales were up 20% and down 12.9%, respectively.

Agents sold 1,129 homes in Fayetteville during 2012. The majority of them – 402 – were located on western side of town in the 72704 zip code. The median price in this popular area rose to $162,500 last year. In the prior year, the median home price was $147,000.

Elsewhere in Fayetteville home prices rose 17.02% in the 72701 zip code to $165,000 during 2012. There were 363 sales last year, up from 283 homes sold in 2011.

On the east side of town, median home prices declined year-over-year. In the 72703 zip code the median sales price fell to $193,800 down from $202,300 during 2011. MountData reports there were 363 homes sold in the 72703 zip code last year, this compared to 335 in the same period of 2011.

Bentonville ranked No. 3 for the most homes sold in 2012 across Northwest Arkansas. Agents sold 895 homes with a median home price of $203,000 last year. This compared to 771 home sales with a median price of $175,000 in 2011.

Unit sales increased 16.08%, while prices also recovered 16% from the 2011 timeframe in Bentonville, according to

Springdale ranked No. 4 last year with 823 home sales, down from 986 sales completed in the prior year. In the 72764 zip code, the central to eastern side of town, there were 436 homes sold at a median price of $90,700. Prices recovered 14.8% from sales recorded in 2011. But, the number of sales declined by 18% in this area in the same period.

In the city’s 72762 zip code there were 387 sales with median price of $137,500 last year. The number of sales dropped 13,2% and median prices rose 25% in this area from the prior year.

Bella Vista ranked No. 5 in total homes sold last year with 754 transactions. Unit sales rose 10.8% from the prior year, while prices recovered 4% in the 72715 zip code and 11% in the 72714 zip code.

Among the towns with populations less than 20,000 Centerton lead the pack with 162 home sales in 2012. The median price rose 5,58% to $116,250 during 2012.

Siloam Springs reported 162 sales last year and home prices at $108,700, were up 8.7% from 2011.

Lowell reported 121 home sales, with a median price of $140,000 in 2012. This city in the middle of Northwest Arkansas saw fewer total sales at 137, but prices rose a whopping 32%, one of the healthiest price recoveries across the entire region.

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