Joe Smith Defeats Tracy Steele For North Little Rock Mayor’s Post

by Talk Business & Politics staff ( 59 views 

One of the state's largest cities has a new mayor after 24 years.

In Tuesday's general election run-off race, Joe Smith defeated State Rep. Tracy Steele (D) to win the North Little Rock mayor's seat.

Smith received 7,535 votes to Steele’s 6,234 (55%-45%). In the November 6th general election, Steele had 11,542 votes (48.27%) to Smith’s 9,827 (41.1%).

Smith has been a top aide for years to outgoing North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hays, while Steele has been a fixture in North Little Rock politics for more than a decade as a state lawmaker.

The bruising campaign spurred a lot of political activity north of the Arkansas River.

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