Are you Arkansavvy? Town names

by The City Wire staff ([email protected]) 68 views 

While packing for my upcoming vacation, I thought about the number of towns in Arkansas that share names with out-of-state and foreign cities.

In some cases, city founders named their municipalities after the town where they once lived or in honor of an early settler or business leader. My hometown in Central Arkansas, for example, was named after the president of local lumber company.

Nashville in the southwest part of the state is named after the music city in Tennessee. Other times, though, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the name.

This edition of “Are You Arkansavvy?” focuses on those cities that share a name with other — and sometimes larger — cities around the country and world. See how well you know you cities.

1. The citizens of this Pope County town don’t own any crown jewels, but there are probably plenty of Bens and maybe a Thames.

2. This small Dallas County town shares its name with a city in Tunisia. Be on the lookout for a commander on elephants.

3. West Virginia and South Carolina have cities that share a name with this Franklin County town.

4. Although in the Delta, this Phillips County city shares its name with a city in Big Sky country.

5. This small Hempstead County town shares its name with this district city. The Arkansas town does have a (Confederate) capitol building, but no Lincoln memorial.

6. You should check out St. Basil’s Cathedral in this Jefferson County town. Nyet, nyet. That’s in a bigger city of the same name.

7. There’s at least one insurance agency in this Sebastian County town, but nothing on the scale as the Connecticut city known as the “Insurance Capital of the World.”

8. This Lonoke County town has city limits, but they have a different definition in the Texas city of the same name.

9. I believe in place called this, which can be found in both Arkansas and Indiana, and probably other states as well.

10. This answer will go over as well as concrete since this Ashley County town shares its name with cities on both coasts.

1. London

2. Carthage

3. Charleston

4. Helena

5. Washington

6. Moscow

7. Hartford

8. Austin

9. Hope

10. Portland