Adam & Eats: CrawPappy’s Cajun Cuisine

by The City Wire staff ( 34 views 

On this week’s adventure we are heading to the middle of a field to eat spicy arthropods from a trailer. Two words kids: mud bugs.

Fear not! This adventure is a lot less scary than I am making it out to be. By the end of it, you’ll be thinking this is one of the most fun adventures we’ve had in quite a while. So, strap on your waders and let’s head out.

Located a little north of I-40 in Alma, in a field right off the side of the road (U.S. 71 North) is CrawPappy’s Cajun Cuisine. Yes, it is a trailer. But, hey, there are wooden picnic tables, too. Actually, they are in the process of building an indoor pavilion so you can enjoy their spicy fare regardless of the weather.

The building is quite brilliant actually. They are not building a kitchen. They’re just installing a big bay door so that they can wheel the trailer inside. Smart. So, they are
working on the creature comforts, but they are ever so friendly and welcoming that’ll you’ll hardly notice that you are eating in the elements, despite the fact that it is balls cold outside right now.

Got a chill in your bones? They’ve got just the thing for that.

Like most Cajun food, the heat produced is not one of the punch-you-in-the-back-of-the-throat variety. It is more about the slow burn that builds and builds until the sweat and tears are pouring down your smiling face. In short, the best kind.

Get ready for me to sing the praises of everything that I tried on the menu. The humble potato chip. At CrawPappy’s, this unsuspecting little tuber wafer is packing a flavor punch that you are not ready for. I suspected that they boil their potatoes in the same delicious boil that the seafood eventually hangs out in.

Thus, simple chips become slow burning magic snacks. The Andouille dog, is the perfect partner for the chips. Or maybe the fried crawfish tails. It is a tie. Both are spectacular. To be honest, I don’t think that I have ever eaten fried crawfish before. And it is a travesty.

I never knew what I was missing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve eaten my share of crawfish at boils, in etouffee and bisques, but never fried. Nice move, CrawPappy’s.

Another stunner in the mud bug department is the crawfish cornbread. It is yet another simple dish that will blow your friggin’ mind.

They keep the hits coming with the boudain balls. Boudain, is a mixture of meat, herbs, and rice jam packed into a casing. In this case(ing), they took the stuffing, mixed it with breading and deep fried heaping spoonfuls of it. Boudain balls. Like mana, with sausage, from Heaven.

Next up, are three old favorites: red beans and rice, gumbo, and etouffee.

The gumbo is smoky and sultry. The red beans and rice is sparky and peppering. And the etouffee is the new love of my life.

Lest I become too verbose, I will now suggest that you head out to Alma to eat some excellent Cajun food. A bit of a warning though, they do travel to games and events from time to time, so don’t be surprised if they are not there. It is not a bad idea to have a back up plan just in case.

Until next time, good eating to you and yours.