GOP Hubbard Compares Beebe, McDaniel To Hitler

by Michael Cook ( 8 views 

It seems that every time Jon Hubbard opens his mouth, or uses his computer, it highlights how low Arkansas GOP leaders are willing to stoop to win a majority in the State Legislature.

Hubbard sent in a new Letter to the Editor today, apparently forgetting that his habit of doing this is what provoked a statewide and national firestorm in the first place. In today’s Jonesboro Sun, Republican State Legislator Jon Hubbard compares Governor Mike Beebe and Attorney General Dustin McDaniel to Adolph Hitler.

From Hubbard’s Letter to the Editor today:

“Does all of this political propaganda being put out by Gov. Mike Beebe, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel and others remind you, even a little bit, of how Hitler took control of the minds of the German people in the 1930s?”

It’s even worse when you read Hubbard’s entire letter.

Comparing the Governor and Attorney General to Hitler and the Nazis shows just how off-kilter Republican legislator Jon Hubbard truly is.

Let’s be 100% clear on a much larger point:  Arkansas Republican leaders still support the election of Jon Hubbard.

Republican leaders want Jon Hubbard in office. Arkansas Republican leaders lack real moral leadership and are willing do or say anything to win a legislative majority.  Republican leaders have refused to ask Hubbard to resign and they have refused to ask Arkansans to vote against Jon Hubbard.  They want Hubbard in the majority.

The Associated Press requested comment from the RPA to see where they stand on Jon Hubbard’s latest comments and this line from their story today sums up where Republican leaders stand:

“A spokesman for the Arkansas Republican Party declined to comment on Hubbard’s letter.”

In this case, silence is support.

When asked about Hubbard’s latest comments today, Gov. Mike Beebe made an important note that cannot be taken lightly.  To paraphrase, Jon Hubbard’s statements hurt Jonesboro’s economic development.

Electing Jon Hubbard can cost Jonesboro jobs.  When major corporations examine which city to move company operations to they thoroughly examine numerous factors such as workforce education level, logistics, costs and, of course, local leadership.  Any CEO will know the local State Representative has made all of these outlandish and hateful statements making the business leader less likely to locate to Jonesboro. The cliche holds true in this instance: Capital is risk-adverse.

Once again: A vote for a Republican legislative majority is a vote to elect The Three Stooges which will take our state backward, embarrassing Arkansas nationally and costing us jobs.