Audio: Webb Predicts Hubbard And Mauch Will Win

by Jason Tolbert ( 7 views 

Republican Party of Arkansas Doyle Webb was on KARN on Thursday afternoon when host Dave Elswick asked him about the controversial comments from Republican House candidates, Jon Hubbard, Charlie Fuqua, and Loy Mauch.

At least, I believe that it is to safe assume who he was asking about although they seemed to be more about the two incumbents – Hubbard and Mauch – and less about Fuqua.

“You know we had a few candidates that kind of made monkey butts out of themselves here a few weeks ago. How are they looking in their races,” asked Elswick.

“They will…I would anticipate that the voters in their districts will send them back to the legislature,” said Webb. “Once again, we are a representative democracy and those candidates have done a good job at working for lower taxes, for job creation, for economic development, better education.”

“They have said some things that are not the position of the Republican Party of Arkansas, but we believe in the freedom of conscience and the freedom of speech. And if they are successful, then we wish them good luck,” Webb said.

No words.