Movies: MovieLounge opens with local horror film

by The City Wire staff ( 302 views 

FORT SMITH — Horror. It had to be said up front.
Anyone wandering into Resurrection County at its MovieLounge premiere Friday night (April 20) would be horribly disappointed if they were expecting a Tom Hanks-type film.

It’s a slasher movie with an evil spin on backwoods southern culture.

That’s why MovieLounge proprietors Lynn Curry Weidman and brother Dwight Curry will offer simultaneous showings of last year’s Academy Award-winning movie The Artist.

Whether taking in the silent film or the aforementioned screamer, fare prepared by former White House chef Will Greenwood can be served to patrons as they watch.

Many will want to see Resurrection County for its local connections. The film office was located on Fort Chaffee and much of the film was shot in that area. The 2008 movie was the official selection of several film fests we’d never heard of, such as the Anchorage International Film Festival and the Freakshow Film Festival in Orlando. It debuted at Shriekfest in Hollywood. And even though the movie was released on DVD just a few weeks ago, Friday’s showing at the MovieLounge is the first in a theater outside of being shown at a film festival.