Five picked for honors at Women’s History Month Banquet

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FAYETTEVILLE — State Sen. Sue Madison will be one of five women honored Monday evening (March 26) during the annual Women’s History Month Banquet at the Fayetteville Clarion.

It’s a toss up as to which started first: Madison’s political career or the Women’s History Month Banquet.

Organized in part by the Washington County League of Women Voters, the banquet is historically run by some of the hardest working and politically active women in the county. If the faces seem familiar, it’s because the same women are doing most of the work on behalf of their respective political parties and on behalf of women.

Other honorees are Bobbie Nell Templeton, Jane Scroggs, Joyce Hale and Sue Madison and Lib Horn.

Several other women’s organizations pitch in to host the annual banquet and recognition ceremony.