Fayetteville Joins Crowd, Creates Business Registry

by Talk Business & Politics ([email protected]) 36 views 

Fayetteville is the only city in Arkansas with a population over 50,000 that doesn’t require a business license, but that will soon change.

On Sept. 7 the Fayetteville City Council approved a business license and registry program that could create a database full of information capable of sparking economic development and improving public safety.

According to Karen Minkel, city director for strategic planning and internal consulting, the application period for the registry program begins Sept. 1, 2011 and ends Oct. 31, 2011. Storefront businesses face an initial $35 sign-up fee, though it is less if businesses register online or happen to be a home-based business. Annual renewal fees will cost $15. Minkel noted that the cost of the city’s certificate of zoning compliance will be wrapped into the price of the business license. Fees will pay for the program.

With the momentum of Fayetteville Forward behind it, supporters pushed the idea of a registry that told stories about growing business sectors, plus areas of job growth and loss. Minkel said officials liked the idea of gaining an upper hand on businesses guilty of code and tax violations, or ones that forget to give emergency contact/change of ownership information to city staff. Data will be kept in the city planning division.

Chung Tan, manager of economic development at the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce, said the program would promote area businesses, shine a light on corporations that go unheralded, and promote collaborative work between local industries.